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Webinar: Surviving DCMA -- Barcodes, RFID and iRAPT

About the Webinar

DCMA’s attention toward IUID on assets, RFID on shipments and iRAPT (formerly WAWF) reporting throughout the defense community is increasing at a rapid rate. In this webinar learn about the DCMA’s role, inspection of shipments, approving payments, property audits and the consequences of non-conformance.

You will learn:

  • What DCMA will look for
  • DCMA’s role with IUID, RFID and iRAPT
  • Growing importance of iRAPT (formerly WAWF)
  • Consequences of non-conformance
  • Technologies and services available
  • Preparing for survival

Find out how to prepare for a DCMA Audit and ensure compliance. Join us in this FREE on-demand webinar.

Survive your next DCMA Audit
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About A2B Tracking

A2B Tracking is a recognized leader and innovator in IUID and RFID software, systems, and services for accurately identifying, marking, and tracking critical assets. As the largest IUID program partner for the Department of Defense and DoD contractors, we provide solutions that enable total asset visibility and facilitates compliance with all quality, supply chain, and logistics standards.

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