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A2B Tracking has pioneered military-grade enterprise-class solutions for tracking and managing critical assets for DoD agencies and the contractors who support them. We’ll help your enterprise take control of your assets and record keeping by providing you A2B Tracking’s secure, cloud-based Asset Management software platform to achieve 99% inventory accuracy or better while performing inventories at a rate of 30x faster using RFID and advanced barcode. A2B Tracking integrates RFID and advanced barcode technologies to improve asset visibility, accountability and sustained audit readiness for all types of assets. 

A2B Tracking offers a range of services including software implementation, consulting, custom labels, tags, plates and other operational support. We’ve been serving the property management needs of defense agencies, government contractors, universities and commercial organizations since 1994.

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Tracking Assets with RFID 

Asset Tracking technology is changing rapidly with RFID. Today’s managers are demanding greater than 95% inventory visibility, faster time to find key assets while using less labor. Modern RFID technology is rising to this challenge and changing the way organizations are managing their assets.

Watch this on-demand session now to explore 3 permanent improvements for your organization with RFID technology to track inventory and critical assets. We’ll explore the need for inventory visibility, asset accountability and the challenges that most organizations face.

 You will learn:

  • A brief orientation on how RFID technology works

  • How RFID can help your organization achieve 3 permanent improvements

    • Storing inventory and assigning assets

    • Searching and finding assets or inventory

    • Automatically capture item movements in real-time

  • How to leverage other Auto ID technologies

    • Benefits of existing barcode systems

  • The key parts of an RFID system and how they link to results

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RFID and Inventory
The 3 factors that will change your business 

Peter Collins

A2B Tracking President and CEO, Peter Collins, has worked with many industries, including the Department of Defense, on the development of Auto ID policies such as barcode and RFID.  He has a wealth of knowledge in developing and implementing RFID and barcode asset tracking systems in organizations around the globe.  Mr. Collins has played a key role as a consultant to the DoD in the department’s effort to adopt the use of IUID technology in 2004. He received the ID Global Leadership Award in 2009 for his role in worldwide adoption of IUID, and is an active participant in IUID industry trade associations. 

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