Online Webinar: UC! Mobile

A2B Tracking invites you to watch this free online discussion and software demonstration between Kristen Manley, Implementation Engineer, Bobby Peckham, Solutions Engineer and Peter Collins, CEO, that will review new groundbreaking features that enable UC! Web™ mobile computing capabilities using virtually any mobile computing device.

We will discuss:

  • Background behind UC! Web™ innovative mobile computing capabilities
  • What is driving the need for UC! Mobile™ computing to any device (e.g. smartphone or tablet)?
  • How barcode, IUID and RFID scanning play a role in data collection in the UC! Web™ mobile strategy

  • What can UC! Mobile™ do on tablets and smartphones
    feature demonstrations

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A2B Tracking has pioneered military-grade enterprise-class solutions for identifying, marking and tracking critical assets for DoD agencies and the contractors who support them. We’ll help your enterprise take control of your assets by providing you cloud-based asset tracking and data management solutions that incorporate advanced barcode and RFID technologies. We enable total compliance to military asset and shipment identification standards and we automate your reporting to government systems.

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Kristen Manley is a member of the Professional Services team at A2B Tracking. She helps companies implement IUID, asset tracking and reporting into their organization. As an Implementation Engineer, Kristen provides on-site system installations of both software applications and hardware peripherals. With her extensive product knowledge, she leads training engagements of A2B Tracking's market leading software product, UC! Web.™ 

About the Presenters

Bobby Peckham is one of A2B Tracking's Solution Engineers. Bobby plays a key role in the development and product management of A2B Tracking's asset management software systems. Bobby has extensive experience in integrating Auto ID technology (barcode and RFID) to asset tracking applications.

Peter Collins, A2B Tracking President and CEO, has worked with many industries, including the Department of Defense, on Auto ID policy development and implementation. He has played a key role as a consultant to the DoD in the Department’s effort to adopt the use of IUID technology in 2004. He received the ID Global Leadership Award in 2009 for his role in worldwide adoption of IUID, and is an active participant in IUID industry trade associations.

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