Achieve IUID Asset Label & Military Shipping Label Compliance

Learn how to select the proper materials and marking methods to create fully compliant IUID labels and Military Shipping Labels (MSLs) in this upcoming webinar. A2B Tracking’s IUID Label Expert, Dan Faria will discuss what factors to consider when determining the material type and marking methods for your asset and shipping labels.  

 Learn how to assess ….

  • What exactly is the asset that you are marking?
  • What type of surface will the label be applied to? 
  • Will the asset be exposed to the outdoors and UV Rays?
  • What temperatures do you expect the asset will be exposed to?
  • Will the asset be exposed to any harsh chemicals or abrasions?

This webinar will explore the 3 most popular IUID Label material types and the marking methods that work best with each along with some specialty tags designed for specific applications.    

We will also be discussing MIL-STD 129 Shipping Labels (or MSLs). Recently, the defense community has seen an increase in contracts that require MIL-STD-129 shipping labels as part of their contract obligation. We will discuss the differences between Asset tags and Shipping Labels and what you need to know to stay 100% compliant to military contracts.

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A2B Tracking has pioneered military-grade enterprise-class solutions for identifying, marking and tracking critical assets for DoD agencies and the contractors who support them. We’ll help your enterprise take control of your assets by providing you cloud-based asset tracking and data management solutions that incorporate advanced barcode and RFID technologies. We enable total compliance to military asset and shipment identification standards and we automate your reporting to government systems.

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How to Select Fully Compliant 
IUID Labels & Military Shipping Labels

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Dan FariaA2B Tracking’s IUID and RFID label specialist Dan’s primary role is advising customers who have a requirement for IUID or RFID compliance and wish to outsource their labels and government reporting. Dan’s expertise includes addressing key factors such as customer lead time and budget as well as MIL STD 130, MIL STD 129 and the DFARS 252.211-7003 clause.

About the Presenters

Sharrieff Christmas, A2B Tracking Sales Managerhas worked with DoD divisions and government contractors helping them realize IUID and property management compliance. He works with our key clients, consulting on the benefits of leveraging Auto ID Technology and how A2B Tracking's portfolio of offerings sustains audit readiness.

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